About Hubbard International

At Hubbard International, in Rochester, Kent we are a group of talented music tutors, performers, and events management specialists who serve a variety of clients.

A long-established company, we work with acts across a wide repertoire, covering the UK and parts of Europe and America. No matter your needs, we offer acts that are perfect for your party or corporate event, wherever it may be.

Mission Statement

Singing for ”health and happiness!” – No matter the motivation for you wishing to sing, be it for leisure, for career or any other reason, we will deliver what you need.

In performance we always strive for excellence.

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Meet Dudley, Our Company’s CEO

As the CEO of our company, Dudley is an almost-retired GP with a background in music and a wide range and varied collection of
interests. Having run our firm for more than 20 years, we established ourselves as a company in 1995.

Dudley comperes, organises, and runs concerts as well as hosting main public functions. A skilled professional, Dudley also records and produces CDs and videos. Publicising our performances, Dudley ensures there are a lot of Youtube™ videos for you to watch.

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Backed by Extensive Experience

Priding ourselves on our knowledge and expertise, we offer first-class, experienced performers for your event.

In addition, we help aspiring artists to take the first steps on the road to success with support from our expert music management services.

We always deal with our clients in a professional, face-to-face setting, ensuring that all parties are performing at the peak of their potential.

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The Best Singing Tuition In Our Area

As gifted music tutors, we provide an unrivalled tuition service for singing and concerts. Supported by our prestigious musical backgrounds, we take pride in the many years of experience providing the highest quality management, concerts, and promotion organisation in Rochester and further afield. 

Simply get in touch with us via telephone at local rate, or send us a message via our contact page.

Contact us, in Rochester, Kent, to speak to our gifted music tutors about arranging a bespoke music lesson.